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The Team at Accelerate

Our Nashville team at Accelerate Credit Repair has over twenty-five years of experience in credit related fields including commercial lending and development, residential real estate, and private real estate investing. Some of the most frustrating obstacles for our clients to overcome with the recent economy have included low credit scores and errors on reports. These challenges have resulted in clients having to pay higher interest rates, or even worse, not being approved for some of life's basic necessities, such as insurance, homes, or vehicles.

Our local team decided to take our customer service to the next level and affiliate with one of the nation’s leading credit repair companies. Accelerate Credit Repair can now be a support to mortgage lenders, finance companies, banks or automobile dealerships who could assist their clients much easier if their scores reflected their current situation.

We know first hand how sometimes life’s difficult or unexpected events like medical emergencies can result in a person’s credit score dropping in a matter of months. We have a compassionate team of Customer Care Consultants lead by Co-Owner LaSandra Wall. Each team member is well-trained in credit repair strategies and stay abreast of changes in the credit industry to provide each client with a customized approach for improving their credit.

They go the extra mile in making sure all guidelines and ethical standards are upheld. We have the latest technology and are constantly updating our credit repair solutions. Each client is treated with respect and compassion which sets us apart in this industry.

The Team

Our team is comprised of certified agents who come from different sectors of the financial industry. We are a group of highly dedicated individuals who share two things: a passion for problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence.

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Kraig brings over thirty years of experience in the areas in business development, capital campaigns, land development and acquisition. He has also served in executive management roles in the nonp..
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As a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee, LaSandra has been dedicated to helping families find the home of their dreams. In addition to working in the residential real estate space, LaSandra h..
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Some of Our Satisfied Clients

We have helped thousands of people just like you.

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Los Angeles, CA
My score was at 710 but I had tax liens that I tried to remove myself. I had been fighting with the state to get the..
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Murfreesboro, TN
I had just graduated college and was engaged to be married but I didn’t really know where my credit score stood. I h..
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Gallatin, TN
Accelerate Credit Repair got 100% of the derogatory items off my credit report in only 60 days and now we are qualif..
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Franklin, TN
Accelerate was able to improve my score from 609 to 680 in 90 days. I only needed a 620 to qualify for my loan but A..